Ferrous metal blast cleaning

Ferrous metal blast cleaning

The blast cleaning process consists in removing the superficial part of a specific material using a stream of metal or non-metal abrasive (natural or synthetic). It is also the most effective surface cleaning process available, which can remove any surface contaminants such as calamine, mill scales, metal oxides and traces of old paint, thus creating a profile that prepares the surfaces for the application of a protective treatment/coating. Using specific technologies, CSV S.r.l. can perform blast cleaning treatment on carbon steel, cast iron, various metals and alloys.

CSV S.r.l. means quality, high performance and expertise in blast cleaning procedures on metal and alloy surfaces, which are carried out in compliance with International Quality Standards (ISO – SSPC – NACE) by using systems with manual nozzle or automated machines.

We use various types of angular metal and non-metal abrasive blast cleaning, such as cast steel grit and Garnet, for different levels of surface cleaning according to the following International Standards:

  • ISO 8501-1 SA 1; SSPC-SP 7; NACE No. 4 – Brush-Off Blast Cleaning.
  • ISO 8501-1 SA 2; SSPC-SP 6; NACE No. 3 – Commercial Blast Cleaning.
  • ISO 8501-1 SA 2 1/2; SSPC-SP 10; NACE No. 2 – Near-White Blast Cleaning.
  • ISO 8501-1 SA 3; SSPC-SP 5; NACE No. 1 – White Metal Blast Cleaning.

This allows us to obtain a Fine, Medium or Coarse profile in compliance with ISO 8503-1. For further information on blast cleaning, do not hesitate to contact our technicians.